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Get sugared, every 3-4 weeks to stay on the hairless plan, lead to permanency & reduce pain.

After 1-2 years of sugaring, the hair growth will slow down & become semi-permanent.

FIRST TIME? You are in great hands, your service will be swiftly & skillfully performed. We have performed thousands of sugaring services & Brazilians are our #1 service. 

PAIN FACTOR, your first time or first time after 5-6 weeks or more of hair growth, is the worst pain wise. You can expect a 50-70% reduction in pain by your second to third service.


  1. HAIR GROWTH - The hair must be at least 1/8th of an inch long or have 1-3 weeks outgrowth to be removed successfully.

  2. FRESHLY SHOWERED - Come to your appointment right after your shower, scrub with SugarLove Organic Sugar Scrub. Do not put on any lotion, cream or oil on, this will block the sugar.

  3. SCRUB - Use our SugarLove Sugar Scrubs 3-5 x a week, including the day you are coming in for sugaring. Soaps and scrubs you already have at home, often leave a residue, blocking the sugar.

  4. TRIM IT – Getting a Brazilian or have Thick Hair? You should trim all dense areas down to 1/4th of an inch, do not trim too short.

  5. LOOSE CLOTHES – Bring a clean set of loose clothes to wear after your service. Tight or sweaty clothes will cause ingrowns, bacteria and breakouts.

  6. PATCH TEST – Particularly for a full face sugaring, we recommend you do a 24hr patch test on a small area to see how your skin reacts.

  7. ALLERGIES, MEDICATIONS, SUPPLEMENTS – Disclose everything you are taking, during intake. Accutane, Antibiotics and other medications can cause serious side effects.

  8. BLOOD THINNERS –  Reduce all blood thinners a week before your service. Including: any medication, any pain killers (Advil, Aspirin, Tylenol), supplements, herbs, vitamins especially Vitamin C, lots of fruit, alcohol, sugar, carbs and caffeine. Although rare these items can increase your chances of bruising, bleeding and other possible side effects. 

  9. STOP TOPICAL EXFOLIANTS – Stop use of Retin A, Retinol, Retinoids, AHAs, BHAs, Enzymes, Fruit Acids, Acids, Peels, 7 days prior to your service. Faces are particularly susceptible to scabbing or lifting if topical exfoliants have been used right before hair removal.

  10. NO SUN BATHING - No sun bathing, tanning booths, or spray tanning, 72 hours prior to appointment. We recommend spray tanning 48-72hrs after sugaring.


  • Thinner & Finer Hair – Sugared hair will grow in ultra soft, say good-bye to stubble. Hair will have shallow roots, no longer embedded in the blood supply & become sparse over time. Sugaring is semi-permanent over time.

  • Get Glowing – Sugaring hair removal exfoliates the skin making your skin radiant. Wonderful to brighten tattoos or just to remove dry skin cells.

  • Reduce Ingrown Hair – No more ingrowns, razor burn, bumps or cuts. 

  • Less Irritation – Quick recovery time, sugar is more gentle than wax, reduce redness & down time.

  • It's Organic – Hypo-Allergenic & Non-Comedogenic.100% Organic ingredients: sugar, lemon juice, and water that’s it! 

  • Less Painful – Sugar does not stick to live skin cells, and if warmed temperatures are below body temp 85 degrees fahrenheit, it will never burn the skin.

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