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"Out of 100 clients who get sugaring for the first time, by an experienced sugarist, 98 of them will never wax again." ~Jessa



  • Leads to permanency quickly, removes extremely short hair, 1/16th of an inch, or the early anagen phase of hair growth, the best time to achieve permanency.

  • The hairless plan, because sugaring removes the hair every 3-4 weeks at much shorter lengths enjoy having no hair all the time!

  • Adheres only to dead skin cells, sugar paste repells water initially try putting a drop of water on a sugar ball it will roll off, sugar will not stick to live skin cells due to their water content.

  • It's less painful than waxing, sugar contains lemon juice and glycolic acid it lubricates and softens as it seeps into the follicle, you then remove the hair in it's natural direction of growth which also reduces pain.

  • Will diminish ingrown hairs, you are following the natural direction of hair growth, will not warp or tear the follicles, which can cause recurring ingrowns.

  • Will not break the hair sugar seeps down in the follicle, softens and wraps itself around the base of the hair removing the hair completely.

  • Does not damage delicate facial tissue, heat can damage connective tissue.

  • Sugaring is a great exfoliating treatment for the skin!

  • Water soluble, cleans up fast and easy with warm-hot water.

  • Cannot ever burn the skin because it's not heated.

  • Removes hair as short as 1/16th of an inch.

  • Can you wax with SugarLove as a strip wax? Yes, clients recieving sugar waxing experience a 50-75% reduction in pain! Just remember do not call "sugar waxing" sugaring. You need to be using the paste method of sugaring to advertise that you offer sugaring.


  • Often contains: dyes, sythetic toxic fragrances, non-biodegradable, plastic (polymer), irritatants and harsh preservatives.

  • Cost $15-30 per pound and you need a lot more supplies, not to mention you may use double or triple the amount of product for the same service with much lower quality ingredients, and not organic.

  • Adheres to live skin cells, pine resin/rosins are sap which sticks like the dickins sometimes to live skin cells!

  • Still breaks a small percentage of hair, sugaring virtually no breakage.

  • More painful and has the potential to do more damage to connective tissue.

  • Can burn, irritate and injure the skin leaving a scab.

  • Very difficult to clean up, must use harsh solvents, can ruin clothes and carpets.

  • Greater chance of ingrown hair due to follicle warping or tearing, toxic ingredients, dyes, fragrances, and hair breakage.

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